This is a selection of my freelance audio and broadcast work -- including Tape Club, a self-produced podcast review show; culture reviews on Monocle's online radio station and BBC Radio 5 Live; and my production work on The Curious Nature of Sex, a podcast about sexuality and relationships.

Tape Club # 7 - the latest episode of my self-made audio review show, featuring the funniest podcast I've heard in ten years of listening. 

The Curious Nature of Sex, a podcast about relationships and sexuality, written and presented by Nichi Hodgson, Stephanie Alys and Hayley Quinn, produced by me.

Segment on BBC Radio 4's Front Row discussing the success of S-Town and new developments in the world of 'scripted' (i.e. dramatic) podcasts.

An interview about the state of the podcast industry with Monocle's culture critic, Robert Bound, from March 2017.

Podcast review on Monocle 24, featuring talk of the (respectively) excellent series TrumpcastSong ExploderRadio Atlas and The New Yorker's prodigious podcasting output

Ep #4 of The Pod Couple, a limited-run podcast at The Telegraph, in which the paper's brilliant radio critic Gillian Reynolds and I nattered about the best things to hear on the wireless and online.

Podhopping on BBC 5 Live - an edition of a regular podcast review on 5 Live, this time discussing a handful of the best 'culture' podcasts, including the New Yorker Radio Hour, The Butterfly Effect and Fresh Air. 

The Monocle Arts Review - recent 'critic's choice' slot on Monocle's weekly review show, in which I recommend three of the most interesting podcasts of 2017. Begins at 26m05s. 

Generosity FM - a fistful of satirical audio sketches, taking aim at payday lenders, Radio 2's daytime schedule, Michael McIntyre, and the prospect of nuclear armageddon.

Cambridge Radio Hour, demo of an arts-and-science magazine podcast I produced for Cambridge University. Contains Gamelan music, Fry and Laurie, and a scientific investigation of chocolate teapots.

'Podhopping' segment on BBC Five Live, focusing on four travel-themed podcasts: Betty In The Sky, The Urbanist, News In Slow and Travel With Rick Steves.

A bitesized music show, Trio, that I made to demonstrate some new kit. Songs by Solange, D.D. Dumbo, Khruangbin. Who they? Listen on...


Ep #1 of a new music show (hosts - Pete: 31; Tom: 13),  featuring songs by Grimes, Paul Simon, Wilco, Patti Smith, Gorillaz, Talking Heads, and more.


Podcast review on Monocle 24, covering the relaunch of The Bugle, strange goings on in Welcome to Night Vale, and NPR's excellent Tiny Desk Concerts.